Buddha Bee Apiary

In 2019, Justin began setting up beehives in backyards…

After several years working as a research technician studying bees—and then as a professional beekeeper—Justin decided to bring the magic of beekeeping to others. Buddha Bee Apiary and the “Host-a-Hive” program was born. Little did he know how quickly this little business would grow. What started as one person driving across town to care for a few hives turned into 3 team members managing 100+ hives located across 90+ homes. The company has grown but the mission is the same: help people fall in love with pollinators.

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Buddha Bee is a tiny team of three with big plans…

Justin, along with his right-hand beekeepers Alfredo and Jackson, work
together to install and maintain hives while educating the community
about pollinators. They also produce a podcast where they interview
honey bee researchers, entrepreneurs, and other experts. You can support
their work by becoming a member of their Patreon.

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    Produced by Justin’s team at Buddha Bee, each episode of Behind the Veil tells the story of a researcher, entrepreneur, or enthusiast trying to preserve the world’s most important pollinator. Behind the Veil is hosted by Alfredo Salkeld and produced in partnership with Buddha Bee Apiary.

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Life of a Beekeeper: