Why can’t I access me eBook?

  • If you are having problems with opening/viewing your eBook we suggest that you update your iPhone or update your PDF viewer (Android)

  • We have offered 2 versions of the eBook, (ePub & PDF) - you will be able to use the one that suits your hardware best.

  • If you are opening it on a desktop computer it should be saved in your downloads and open directly with the corresponding applications depending on Mac/Windows.

  • This is a great resource to help you with opening the file: https://www.wikihow.com/Open-EPUB-Files

  • To access your PDF file you can download: Adobe PDF Reader

  • If you are still having trouble opening your eBook file, or there are issues with the download file, please Contact Support.

Apple Products:

  • ePub files will save in the Files App or you can download Dropbox to save it there. Once it is saved to your device you will be able to open it in the iBooks app.

Android/Google Products:

  • ePub files will save within Google Play.

Suggested applications to read your eBook file:

  • Windows: Calibre, Sumatra, Freda, Ice cream ePub Reader, Cover, Kobo, Nook & many more

  • Mac: iBooks, Calibre, Sumatra, Freda, Ice cream ePub Reader, Cover, Kobo, Nook & many more


When are donations made to One Tree Planted for my Cookbook purchase?

At the end of each month we tally up the number of orders and make a donation on the first of each month to One Tree Planted. We send monthly updates of our collaborative efforts in reforestation! Thank you for helping to keep our planet green!


Do you use recycled paper for your hardcover books?

We do not use recycled paper, but our hardcover book production company uses FSC certified sustainable sources and their business model is aimed at being eco friendly and reducing waste. You may also find the following article helpful: https://blog.lulu.com/lulu-is-now-a-certified-b-corp/


Why is my tracking number from Australian Post?

We can’t say we fully understand why and have been in touch with our warehouse to have a better understanding, but know that there have yet to be any problems and no it isn’t shipping from Australia. Feel free to continue to use the tracking info provided on your shipping confirmation, and don’t fret…your cookbook will arrive in one piece :-)

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