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Tiny Home Big Flava' [HARDCOVER]

Tiny Home Big Flava' [HARDCOVER]

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Are you looking to transition to a healthier lifestyle? Maybe you are ready to spice up those dinners for your family with some new and unique recipes?

Join us for the ride as we take you on a journey through a variety of dishes and cultures we incorporate into our tiny home on wheels, “Red Peppa”! After almost a year of sharing our process of perfecting each and every recipe on instagram and youtube, we are finally ready to take you through some of our favorite vegetarian recipes from appetizers to dessert, incorporating wholesome ingredients packed with flava’!

Each one of these recipes is packed with heart and soul such as:

-Sweet and Tangy Tagine

-Raw Matcha Key Lime Pie

-Green Goddess Grits

-Fizzy Lavender Lemonade

-And Portobello Mushroom Burger

From our famous cauliflower bites to our no-cheese mac and cheese, we will walk you, step by step, through a dish for every occasion. Did we mention no meal is complete without a dance party? Make sure to find our favorite tunes for each recipe and turn it up!

Laugh, Love, Thrive Cooking Approach

Who else wants to fall back in love with yourself through enjoyment of good food, good company & a healthy mindset?

Our Laugh, Love, Thrive Cooking Approach is an innovative cooking strategy that can help you achieve your wildest dreams! This approach makes it easier to embrace cooking in the kitchen opening new horizons to your mentality through eating good food.

If you follow our journey we share on both YouTube and Instagram then you know that we love to share our positive, inspiring adventures & how we have been able to maintain an upbeat outlook on life. With the last year being a challenge for everyone to find peace and enjoyment in the now, we feel that we have mastered living our best lives through learning to eat wholesome foods & in turn giving us the right mindset to seize the day!

When you learn to love your time in the kitchen, it helps you physically feel your best and in turn find enjoyment in your day to day activities. When you feel love in your heart—everything else flows with ease and clarity.

“Lets come together to Laugh, Love & Thrive in life”

Plant-Based Alternatives

Incorporates an array of delicious fruits and vegetables from ones you know, to some you might not - all helping you to broaden your palette in plant based deliciousness.

Helps you slowly change your perception when it comes to cooking more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Recipes that can easily have meat substituted if your not ready to make the switch!

A plant based diet is a great way to improve your health.

Eating whole foods that come from the earth can help you feel better and live a longer, healthier life.

Free Music

Custom curated songs to go hand in hand with your dish!

Guides you into the first steps of our Laugh, Love, Thrive Cooking Approach

Let the rhythm of the music set the mood for you & make you want to dance a little more :-)

Transforms any monotonous task into a fun and groovy experience

So put on some pants (and not just sweatpants) because it's time to make something delicious-- or even try out a new recipe from our list!

Multi Cultural Recipes

Do you love cooking new dishes? Or a challenge making something you’ve always wanted to try and cook at home?

You'll be able to explore some new cuisine and broaden your culinary horizons.

Traditional American, Asian inspired, English, Mexican and so much more - it will keep your dish repertoire unique and delicious!

A variety of dishes that are both modern and traditional.

This book has something for everyone!

Great for left overs/meal prep

The best way to guarantee that you always have a good meal in your fridge is by making it ahead of time and storing it. These recipes are perfect for this, especially if you find yourself with leftovers from the night before.

Making food for your whole family can be difficult but these meals will make cooking easier, even when you're preparing them on a busy day!

Cooking can be a time-consuming task, but these great recipes allow you to make big batches of food that are perfect for meal prepping.

It's easier on your wallet and you know exactly what kind of ingredients go into the dishes.

Your food won't go bad and will always be ready to eat, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Plant a Tree

Contribute to protect our planet in a greener way!

With each order of eBook or hardcover, $1 will be donated to plant a tree & aid our efforts for reforestation.

One dollar plants One tree!

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity.

Trees act as carbon sinks, offset carbon & helps reduce the effects of climate change.

Here’s what we can guarantee...

That we have poured our hearts into this cookbook & its a collection of our best recipes—making this the ultimate cookbook in our eyes!! Tiny Home, Big Flava’ has a variety of recipes from all cultures of food and will be a great way for you to tap into our Laugh, Love, Thrive Cooking Approach.

It won’t change your life immediately, it won’t make all your dreams come true overnight…its a process. It’s a starting point for you to make changes in your life TODAY! In turn over time you’ll begin embracing these healthier habits in your life, and utilizing the tips that we share with you, because once you master these concepts, you can apply them to all aspects of your life :-)

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Try our Favorite Recipes

In the last 6 years of being together Justin & Juby have turned
their lives around to a more positive, successful day to day. From
alcoholism and an eating disorder they each had poor eating habits and diets that left them sluggish, unmotivated and out of love with
themselves. In learning to eat well through the power of loving
yourself, enjoying the process and cultivating a positive outlook on
life they have achieved good health and success in their day to day
lives. Anything can be possible when you have a clear mind, and food is a great starting point to help you get there so you can accomplish your life goals & dreams!

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